Leveraging the Value of “Launch and Iterate” in Our Classrooms  

In conversations with colleagues outside of education, “Launch and Iterate” is a successful business model, one which will benefit our students now and in the future.  It also aligns perfectly with our Strategic Coherence Plan.  For example, Google Education Adviser Jake Shea explained how the technology giant creates a “Minimal Viable Product (MVP)” and then leverages user feedback to determine what new features to build and add to the product.  As our district actively engages in the shifts of that benefit today’s learners, it’s clear that the days of completing an assignment, handing it in, and moving on to the next assignment is not a model for engaged student learning.  Through purposeful planning and access to a variety of real-world technology resources, student learning becomes a dynamic process with students exploring various iterations to their work based on feedback from peers, teachers, and–at times–individuals outside of the school district.

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