Student Involvement in the Chromebook Distribution Process

Students assist in Chromebook distribution. Distributing more than 1,900 Chromebooks in week’s time requires careful planning and plenty of collaboration!  For the majority of the distribution process, students at BHS and CVS have been actively engaged in the assisting in this extensive endeavor. More that 20 students at BHS participated in training related to the steps necessary to setup, enroll, and register the devices and were a central point in the success of the rapid deployment. Nine students at WMS worked with Peter LaMoreaux and John Castellano from the Department of Technology and Innovation to assist in the unboxing and coordination for distribution. At WMS, time was at a premium and more than 680 devices were distributed and enrolled by students in less than three hours over two days! Once the devices are fully deployed, a group of students from both schools will serve in an advisory capacity and provide feedback and student perspective to the Department of Technology and Innovation.    

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